One of the longest standing traditions surrounding the St. Henry Nite Club is the always competitive Nite Club Racing team fielded by Bill Dues. Since its inception, the team has claimed 6 Eldora Speedway Track Championships (5 Modified and 1 Late Model). Some of the drivers to pilot a St Henry Nite Club race car include Jeff Babcock, Jerry Bowersock, Duane Chamberlain, Brian Ruhlman, Chad Ruhlman, Jeep VanWormer, and Matt Westfall.

As the 2017 season kicks off, the team will be focusing all of its attention on the Late Model program, once again fielding a car for Duane Chamerblain.

Meet Duane Chamerblain…

daunechamberlainHometown: Richmond, IN
Age: 34
Wife: Stephanie
Wins: Too many to count

Meet the sponsors…

A huge thank you goes out to the following sponsors and partners on the 2017 St Henry Nite Club Racing team…






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